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Windows 95 is 22 years old – let’s hope it doesn’t turn 23

On this day in 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95 to the public. It was an important moment for the company, and it paid The Rolling Stones $3 million for the right to use Start Me Up in its marketing campaign for the revolutionary new operating system.

And start it up people did. Windows 95 was a huge commercial success for the Microsoft, with 40 million copies sold in the first year alone. The only problem is, two decades later, some people haven’t shut it down.

I spoke to Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers about the prevalence of Windows 95 in 2017. He said that there are only seven machines accessible from the outside Internet, all situated in Taiwan.

I checked one out. Shodan confirmed it ran Windows 95. It also said that it was running a SMB file server, and had been compromised with DoublePulsar — the NSA-built hacking tool that was leaked and disseminated by The Shadow Brokers earlier this year.

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