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What the Style UI Pattern Board?

One of the most interesting things about working in an agency is the number of windows we get to look through into other industries. We soak up as much context surrounding our client’s business, what matters to them and to their customers, so we can deliver the appropriate solutions for their project.

Through all of our engagements, we’ve worked with other designers, developers, and product owners and in the process have learned that everyone shares and talks about deliverable assets in a myriad of ways.

To level set here, let’s talk about some of the deliverables we provide that can help keep teams from any industry, of any size, on the same page throughout the design and development phases of a project, and beyond.

First Up: Style Tiles & Mood Boards

Mood Boards are just a fancy name for a digital scrapbook. I joke, but not really. The purpose of a mood board is to demonstrate the aesthetic tone one is hoping to achieve, and the inspiration one is drawing from to convey a possible design direction. A mood board could consist of colors, type styles, photographs and illustrations, or maybe even snap shots of other existing designs. The goal here is to gather consensus for possible design directions before diving too deep and becoming attached to a concept that may only be discarded. Mood Boards are an excellent time for clients to be involved, as they can do so in a creatively low-barrier to entry sort of way. Point us to what you like, we’ll do the rest!

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