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Tips and Thoughts for Better Website Redesign

When it comes to a website redesign the first thing that should come to mind is UI and UX design as they are operationally what web design is. When talking about a website redesign, the most important facet of ANY website is to allow any relevant visitor to find and interact with the information or content they need, without frustration; that is the UX design. Right behind that you want the quality of content to be high and the graphic design to be crisp and clean; that is the UI design. At the end of the day no matter how good a website looks, it is rendered almost useless if it doesn’t work. That is why UI and UX design are inseparable buddies and the core of a website redesign or even an initial design for that matter.

Learn the client, learn the market

Before you jump into creating a new design it is important to gather enough information to create a meaningful one, not just something that looks good to you. In website redesign, knowledge is power. The company’s website is for the target market and if it doesn’t resonate with them then the website redesign was a complete waste of time.


A good place to start may be with interviews with the executives of the company to nail down what the company is all about. With this interview, you want to thoroughly understand the service they provide, how they provide it, how they have been the most easily interpreted by their market in the past, and how they hope to be interpreted by their target moving forwards. It is found helpful to make a data-driven marketing persona to better understand who this website will be marketed to. Another great way to gather information and ideas is to perform some competitive analysis. See what other companies that engage the same market are doing on their websites and mimic or improve their UI and UX design to reap the most attention.

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