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The Big Picture: 10 of the Largest Things in the World

It’s hard to kick the “bigger is better” mentality, especially while everything around us continues to grow in a seemingly exponential way. We’ve got fruits that are larger than life, islands that behave like countries, and lizards that are basically dragons. To keep the scope expanding, take a look at some of our recent learnings on the subject of all things big. Once you’re up to speed, click through to our full lightbox for 30 images of the largest things on our planet.

1. Son Doong Caves

Image by MyImages – Micha

Situated in Vietnam, these caves were found in 1991 by a local man named Hồ-Khanh. Inside, there’s a large subterranean river, and the layout of the system is such that it intimidates others from entering — a steep decline and the acoustics make it seem extra eerie and windy.

2. The Dubai Mall

Image by Zhukov Oleg

This mall is known as the largest in the world because of its total area: it’s about 13 million square feet and has about 1,200 retail shops. It has an ice rink, an underwater zoo, a large waterfall, and an aquarium. On top of all of that, it’s also home to 22 cinemas, a luxury hotel, and over 100 restaurants and cafes.

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