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Tech Talk with Chris Coyier of CodePen

Chris Coyier is the designer, developer and cofounder of CodePen, the “playground for the front-end side of the web.” He also writes about all technology-related topics at CSS-Tricks and talks about technology on his podcast, ShopTalk. In 2016, he published Practical SVG, a book about technology. Chris finds fulfillment working in web design, a space that merges math, systems and programming with art, color and creativity.

But his passions aren’t limited to technology and design. Chris is dedicated to his own personal development and physical health, and working from home helps Chris maintain a work-life balance and focus on all of his varied passions.  He acknowledges the industry’s inclination to declare tech hubs like San Francico or New York the best place to live if you want to work in tech, but Chris says this simply isn’t true. To work in tech, all you need is an internet connection.

You can work from anywhere, and he suggests people take advantage of the freedom that offers. Chris currently enjoys working from his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he is able to create a flexible schedule that lends itself to productive, dynamic work days. He enjoys working hard, but says that he can only do so for 2 to 3 hour blocks and then it’s time to take a break. He needs to step away from his work to recharge. Watching TV, playing with his dog at the park, going to the coffee shop, going to the gym are all things that allow him to stay motivated and creative.

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