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Creative Milky PinUps Photography

Today we are going to include some of milky illustrations image wich is produced by Manfrotto and Marco Tortato in Bassano, He had a great time with photographers from all over the world and now are gearing up for a really fantastic Milky weekend in Italy, he had made some great milky PinUp wich is inspration for designer, I thank you to him fore hard work and share her creative for all Designer

View her gallery click here

Creative Milky PinUps Photograph

hot-bikini-sexy-female-milk splash

Creating the Photograph

Simply Creative: Milky Pin-Ups

Sexy Pin-Ups Made With Clothing Entirely From Milk

milk dress photography

Sexy Pin-Ups Made With Clothing Entirely From Milk

creative art

milk splash photography

milk workshop

aurumlight calendar

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