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Otherworldly Landscapes from Around the Globe

Whether you’ve traveled the world or stayed within the parameters of your home state, at some point you’ve probably encountered a landscape that feels a little unearthly. From discovery-filled hikes to a swim in an unfamiliar lake, the planet we inhabit has a remarkable ability to remind us that it is, in fact, just another sphere in the universe. This phenomenon exists in deserts perhaps more than anywhere — the vast and sprawling sandy landscapes where water is difficult to come by are often the very definition of “otherworldly.”

Read on to learn more about the amazing assortment of deserts, dunes, and mountainous terrain below, then click through to our entire collection for even more out-of-this-world adventure.

1. Ojo del Mar (Salinas Grandes), Argentina

Image by Galyna Andrushko


Ojo del Mar, Argentina by Galyna AndrushkoImage by Galyna Andrushko

Ojo del Mar is known for its unlikely salty make-up. The nearby mountains are responsible for this composition, which comes as a by product of rain. The scattered and sparse rivers that run through parts of the desert also contribute to the vibrant and vivid colors of the landscape.

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