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Leaflet.js is The Simplest Map Library You’ll Ever Find

Google Maps is certainly the most popular embeddable map widget for web designers. But what about adding custom features such as tooltips and pin markers?

This is where an awesome library like Leaflet.js helps a ton.

This is a completely free open source project initially created by one of the guys at Mapbox named Vladimir Agafonkin. Since then, Leaflet has grown to include dozens of contributors around the world.

It’s frequently updated with bug fixes and new features that improve the overall implementation on any website. This is by far my favorite mapping library because of its sheer force and design aesthetic.

It has so many features that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but here are the most interesting ones:

  • Mobile hardware acceleration
  • Pin markers, shape overlays, and tooltips
  • Custom zoom & panning animation
  • No JS dependencies
  • Support for all major browsers including IE7+

Implementation is a bit tricky because you need to enter coordinates and define how large the map should be.

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