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Graphic Design vs Interactive Design

When developing a website or software, the biggest clash that takes place is between the designers and UX experts. Well, what do they do? Their responsibilities are very different, but their work goes hand in hand with each other. The designer’s work is to make the software or the website look more appealing to the users. Nobody likes to see unorganized, dull, non-styled, pages and windows. Designers add features and APIs to make the website look beautiful, while UX experts take the responsibility of enhancing the user’s experience on the website or the software. However, why do they both clash and what differences make them disagree with each other? This article will detail some of those reasons and differences.


When developing software or a website, it is kept top priority to make the website as much accessible to anyone. A designer while concentrate on developing a better graphic interface for the software or website, for every platform and every person, it is the UX experts duty to make it accessible to as many people as possible.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) which was introduced in 2008, has received many updates as well until 2016. These guidelines will help you in developing content that is more accessible. Especially for those with disabilities like deafness, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, speech disabilities, etc.


When websites are being developed, designers try their best to integrate better graphics and better responsiveness, but what they mostly forget is that that visual integration increase the workload for the browser and in return, it causes delays in loading up the website. Designers forget to consider this fact when designing the website or software; it becomes the job of a user experience expert to optimize the website so that it loads much faster.
Now many would argue that nowadays, many internet users are using a high-speed internet. However, it is also necessary to remember that not all users have such high-speed internet. Moreover, internet speed is not the only that is to be kept under consideration. The system also uses your platform’s processor, RAM and even GPU to load contents of the website to display them accurately and not everyone has a high-performance computing system either.

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