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Download 24+ Free Vectors and PSD Logo

In this collection you can find some best logo, it is truly free and open adobe Photoshop or adobe illustrator file, this all logo are designed available over the logologo.com, It may be that you want a very specific idea/requirement for your logo or perhaps you simply find the assurance of exclusivity and quality that comes with custom designed logo concepts.

1. Blue P Logo

A blue letter P logo using multiple outlines to create a maze-feel.

2. C logo

A letter C logo with the letter C cut out of a diamond window-shapes background object.

3.City Logo

A semi-abstract cityscape scene showing a horizon and a number of tall buildings.

4.Colorful Bird Logo

This free logo shows a gorgeous colorful bird in flight. It consists of seven different colors and is suitable for any company.

5. Mountain Logo

A stunning mountain landscape logo showing grassy hills in the foreground, a majestic blue mountain and a deep orange sky.

6. Abstract Tree Logo

A beautiful green tree on a hill, with a semi-circle in the background.

7. Colorful Hexagon Logo

A beautiful multi colored hexagon design in 3D view is portrayed here. Several loose scattered triangles can be seen in the top right section, which give the observer the impression that this free logo is ideal for anyone involved in the building, architectural or construction industry.

8. Eagle in Flight Logo

A blue, semi-abstract rendering of an eagle in flight.

9. Eco Tree Logo

A stunning broad-leaved tree logo all draped in green. This free logo could be suitable for a Forestry or Nature Conservation Association. The color green indicates a healthy environment with much growth.

10. Four Leaves Logo

A plant logo showing four leaves, with three arranged in front, over a larger leaf in the background.

11. Free Eagle Logo

An eagle logo showing an eagle in flight, silhouetted against white, with a circular border.

12. Globe Swooshes Logo

A green and blue globe, chopped in half by two grey swooshes orbiting the globe.

13. Green Globe Logo

A green globe logo with white longitude and latitude lines, over a green leaf.

14. Green Tree Logo

A lovely, simple tree logo design featuring branches, leaves and a 3-line border around the tree.

15. Island Travel Logo

A travel company logo template, showing an island scene with sand, see, sun and a palm tree.

16. Leafy Tree Logo

In this neat design, a tree carrying abundant leaves is placed in a tri colored circle. This free logo design is suitable for a landscaping or gardening business.

17. Nature Logo

A simple nature logo showing a tree in a single-color design.

18. Planet Logo

A globe logo showing a grey planet in the center, consisting of only longitude and latitude lines, with a multi-color border.

19.Sailing Boat Logo

A semi-abstract logo showing a sailing boat in white on a blue, sail-like background with light blue ocean waves below the vessel.

20.Sailing Logo

A logo showing a sailing boat on a blue ocean, with a sunrise/sunset in the background.

21.Swoosh and Globe Logo

A low-detail, semi-transparent globe showing North and South America in blue, with a red swoosh over the center of the globe.

22.Winged Horse Logo

A marvelous winged horse design in four shades of blue. This free logo could be suitable for an aviation company or travel industry, as blue is the ruling color which refers to the sky. According to Greek mythology, Pegasus was a winged divine stallion.

23.Leaf Sun Logo

A sun logo with the sun rays made up of leaves, with two stars in the center.

24.Plants Logo

A diamond-shaped, green logo showing swooshes resembling plants.

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