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I Create Paintings And Drawings About Love

Theories say that our brains are built to fall in love and human beings, in our natural state, are programed to be in pair. This can be the reason why most of us, when it comes to love, we become uncontrollable. They also say that our heart is such a wild creature that’s why it is caged inside our ribs. I personally think that this is true because when we are in love, we tend to think that we can do anything and everything for the person we love. This is what “Untamed Heart Series” is all about. Its about that magical feeling of falling in love and how it affects the human behavior specially at those times when we realize that love is not all about happiness. That every relationship got their fair share of trials and that it is a hard work. Everyday, it is a decision that you make whether or not you will continue to love the same person you are with.

“Untamed Heart Series” is dedicated and was made to celebrate all those courageous hearts who’ve decided to continue on loving, all those brave hearts who choose to follow their passion.

At this day and age when all we hear are hateful news about bombing and terrorism, what we need are “Untamed Hearts” that are willing to give love, to remind us, that what this world need is one thing, and that is, LOVE.

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Kiss Of Fate

You have the power to choose your life path and you hold the key to your own happiness.

Beyond Desire

Desire indefinitely leads to heartache and misery. Treasure what you have instead of giving in to the infidelity.


To love wholeheartedly is to give your all; to bare your most powerful and your most vulnerable self.

Wild Heart

Inspired by the saying that“our heart is such a wild creture that’s why its caged inside our ribs”. Here, a wild heart means a heart full of love that transcends any restrictions.

The Stare

Perfect Love For The Imperfect



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