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5 Ways For Professional Photographers To Use Instagram Galleries

Instagram just launched their latest update and it is one of the biggest changes yet to the world’s most popular photography network. This new gallery post-type opens up a fresh avenue for professional photographers to tell stories and promote their work.

Need some ideas on ways to make use of these new gallery features? Well, you have come to the right spot. Today we have compiled a list of 5 ways for professional photographers to utilize Instagram’s new gallery post feature. Let’s get into it….

#1 – Before & After

We know a lot of photographers like to post before/after images showing what their client looked like prior to the shoot and then how they looked during the shoot. Another example would be an image before being processed and then after being processed. This new gallery post feature in Instagram would be a great way to share your before/after sequences now instead of trying to cram both images into one frame.

Post the before and after in one gallery and then your fans will be able to flip between them easy peasy. This is a great way to up interaction on your page and shows people the value of your work.

#2 – Mini-Stories

For many photographers, especially the good ones, a photo series is all about telling a story about the subject. These new galleries allow up to 10 images to tell a story, without cluttering your feed. This can also be a great way to challenge yourself to see if you can tell the story you want to tell in a compelling way with up to 10 images to do it.

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