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5 Hot Android App Development Trends

Every year we see something new in the world of technology. Some years ago Android burst into IT world and made a revolution there. And innovative mobile development trends of this system are still blowing the minds of users. We will prove it in this article. It will persuade you that Google does its best to impress their users and change this era with mobile development tricks.  

Trends in Android app development may just seem unlimited. As there are many Android-based apps, developers set a goal to amaze even the most sophisticated users around the world with something unusual. This year will surely bring us new and interesting Android products.


What is Instant Apps? Let’s discuss it. For example, you need to use a certain app, but it is not installed on your phone, and a mobile Internet connection doesn’t allow its quick installation from Google Play. To provide users with quick access to Android apps, Google developed Instant Apps.

  • With one click you will be able to download apps instantly like usual web pages. Moreover, it would not be downloaded to your portable device in its full size. It will be installed only in part.
  • It is worth noting that Instant Apps traffic is comparable to casual web page traffic. So our phones and tablets won’t be full of various applications that we need only once.

However, is everything so optimistic about Android Instant Apps? If we examine this issue more deeply, it turns out to have some pitfalls, especially for developers.

First up, users who deploy only Instant Apps will be less engaged in active use of the application. Thus, they won’t be interested in new updates. In this case, the popularity of any instant app on Android may result in decreased revenue for developers. It makes it impossible to affirm unambiguously that new apps generation represented by Instant Apps will be completely suitable and profitable for everybody.

As for Google, it will surely make some profit due to the increase of web searches since for now only about 27% of apps are installed through a web search. But Instant Apps’ technology has a great potential. This fact is indisputable.

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