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5 Essential Tech Items For The Modern Working Photographer

In this day and age being a photographer is more than just carting around some cameras and lenses. Technology has become an integral part of the photography equation. This means that beyond your standard photography gear, such as lenses, cameras, tripods, and such, you also have this array of technology tools that can and do help make a photographer’s life that much easier and hassle free. Today we wanted to highlight some of that tech.

High Quality Wide Gamut Display Monitor

Having a quality display monitor to do your image processing on is imperative to any aspiring professional photographer. Sure, you can get the job done on a basic screen with limited sRGB colors, but in order to truly bring the most out in your images a real wide color gamut monitor with a high resolution is key. Luckily monitors like these are not nearly as expensive as they once were, so here are a few good options for those looking.

  • BenQ 27-inch SW2700PT Monitor – Buy One
  • BenQ 27″ PD2700Q Monitor – Buy One
  • BenQ BL2420PT 23.8″ IPS Monitor – Buy One
  • ASUS PB258Q 25″ WQHD Monitor – Buy One

Rugged External Storage

Another key piece of tech for any modern photographer is a rugged and reliable external storage device for easy backups and storage while you are out and about. Nothing is worse than losing your images to a faulty drive, stolen memory cards, or worse. Having a solid external hard drive you can count on to take a beating and keep your data safe is absolutely essential!

  • G-Technology G-DRIVE – Buy One
  • G-Technology GDrive Mobile – Buy One
  • LaCie Rugged Mini USB – Buy One
  • LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt – Buy One

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