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20 Rising Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017

Another year has passed and designers are looking ahead towards the future. Many promising design trends are bound to erupt in 2017. Last year I covered the top 2016 design trends and we’ve seen a lot of changes since then.

So, for this post I’ve picked the top 20 trends that I’ve noticed gaining traction in 2017. These design trends can apply to any website, so keep your eyes out for these techniques as we move through 2017 and beyond.

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20 Hottest Trends That Will Shape Web Design Come 2016

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1. “Featured in” badges

Startups, blogs, SaaS projects and even small businesses are now using the “as featured in” badges on their websites. These badges often link to articles on mainstream blogs such as HuffPo, Forbes, CNN, Fox, and other news outlets.

herepup badges

The goal is to validate a website and build trust with new visitors. It’s easier for someone to trust a website when they can see that it’s been mentioned in authoritative publications.

In fact many top blogs appreciate the exposure, so it really helps everyone involved. These big sites often release their logos online but you can also find transparent PNGs or SVGs just by googling around.

accompany website

Also it’s recommended that you link back to the original article mentioning your site. This proves that you were really mentioned on the site, and you’re not just making up claims.

2. Bold all-caps nav links

I’ve seen dozens of sleek navigation menus all relying on this same design. These nav links vary in font and size but they usually have similar features, such as:

  • All caps
  • Bolded
  • Evenly spaced
  • Aligned to the right corner

The homepage of Zazzle is a great example. But you can find this on many startup websites because it’s a clean way to share links that are easy to read and easy to browse.

zazzle nav

I mostly associate this trend with businesses and tech startups but it can be prevalent on blogs too.

Make note of the next time you see this trend because it’s everywhere. And I expect it to keep growing well into 2017.

3. Magazine-style blogs

Blogging was such a niche concept back in the early 2000s. If you ran a blog in 2003 it was considered a cute little hobby. In just over a decade that trend has radically changed. Now blogs can provide a full-time income, and they’re starting to look a lot more like digital magazines.

Look back at the original design of TechCrunch when it first launched in 2006. Looks like a generic WordPress blog right?

techcrunch circa 2006

Now look at the current homepage of Techcrunch in 2017:

techcrunch 2017 homepage

It not only looks like a magazine, it also functions like one. TechCrunch publishes dozens (if not hundreds) of new posts every single day. They’re the #1 go-to source for startup news.

The magazine-style design trends make a big difference. The homepage uses a big featured story section, each post has its own thumbnail, and the article pages center around the headline.

When you think about it, TechCrunch hasn’t changed much. It’s still “just a blog”. But it’s designed and managed like a magazine, and this makes all the difference.

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4. Video backgrounds

Autoplaying sound is perhaps the most annoying trend on the web. But surprisingly, autoplaying video (without sound) is a rapidly growing trend. You can spot this on dozens of business sites where a video background takes over the entire screen.

invision homepage

I really like this technique when it’s applied properly. As long as the video relates to the site and doesn’t obstruct content, I think it’s a cool effect to use in your header.

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