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10 Killer Ideas to Promote Your Blog To Grow Traffic, Get Back Links and More Shares

It is very easy to build a blog, but very hard to make a successful blog with significant traffic. Some of the people may believe that having quality content helps them to drive traffic, yes it is true but having only that is not enough to get significant traffic.

For that, you need to promote your blog posts and make sure they are visible at every corner of the web, from where your potential audience can visit and read your blog posts. So if you are looking for practical ways about how you can share your content, the right tactics, and right places, then you guys don’t need to look any further. Because, in today’s post, I am sharing 10 killer ways to promote your blog. Let’s see those ways.

10 Killer Ideas to Promote Your Blog

#1. Social Media Profiles Are Powerhouse to Grow Blog Traffic

Bloggers come to Facebook and Twitter to share their articles and simply walk away, and that’s it. Nothing more they do, and thus, bloggers think that job is done, and the flood of traffic will come to their blogs.

But as in my point of view, this is not an actual social media sharing. You need to do a lot more things to target your potential audience. Because using social media you are also building a relationship with your targeted audience.

So you should start working on this but before that one thing you need to do is to optimize and improve your social media profiles. With that, you can show off your blog’s URL very easily to your potential audience.

Cover Image

Most of all the people who share their article on social media are only focus on how their display picture and cover image look like. But there is more than that, have ever heard about mentioning your blog link in your profile? If you don’t then yes you can mention your blog link somewhere in your profile/page cover image. Just make sure that you create an excellent and of course a clean cover image which also contains your blog URL.

Add Your Blog Link

Social media like Facebook and Google+ also offer you to add your blog or site link on profile/page. This is kind of opportunity to you to put your blog link on social media. This may help to showcase your blog URL to your potential audience and can drive traffic from your social media channels to your blog.


Social media has great power to grow traffic because it provides a great feature that is writing a bio. So take a chance to write a little bit about you and yes don’t forget to add the URL of your blog into the bio. How about to place it an intro or as a workplace in Facebook? Or adding a link or Twitter handle in your Twitter Bio? Or adding a blog URL in Google+ about and so on. I recommend to add your blog URL link to your profile/page bio or intro.

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